Gentle Giants of Tennessee

Stud Contract


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The stud fee is $800 for American and $1200 for European. This fee is to be paid in full before the breeding takes place. This contract will guarantee the mating of the previously described dogs. Both parties certify that the information provided is true and correct. This contract is good for three (3) mating from the same dogs as described within the bitches heat cycle. The stud owner guarantees at least one (1) live and healthy puppy. One (1) puppy constitutes a litter. The bitch owner will show proof of pregnancy no later than 58 days gestation by x-ray and/or ultrasound. If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service will be provided at no extra charge within one (1) year. If the bitch does not conceive from the return breeding, the stud owner will refund half of the stud fee. The bitch owner is responsible for any and all travel expenses that may occur getting to the stud. The stud owner will not house the bitch. The bitch owner will be available for up to 3 breeding for live cover. The breeding will take place only at the home of the stud. The bitch owner will keep in contact with the stud owner throughout the pregnancy and notify the stud owner of any upcoming vet appointments concerning the pregnancy. The bitch owner will notify the stud owner at time of whelp. The bitch owner will register the puppies with AKC.  The stud owner will sign the litter registration information when provided from the bitch owner. The stud owner will provide a copy of the studs three generation pedigree from AKC. The stud owner will provide stud pictures to the bitch owner for advertisement of the litter. The bitch owner will provide the stud owner with the names and contact information of the owners of the new puppies. No puppies from this said litter shall be transferred or sold to wholesale outlets, dog dealers, pet brokers, humane shelters, laboratories, pet shops or their agents. Failure to comply will result in breach of contract. Breach of contract will result in a fine of $500 per infraction made payable to the stud owner via PayPal.  The stud owner is not responsible for ANY expenses needed to care for the bitch during pregnancy, care for the puppies, nor the health and temperament of the puppies.

By signing this contract, I understand all the terms listed above and I have provided all correct information to the best of my knowledge.

Bitch owner:

Stud owner: Russ McClard

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