When the time arrives, each puppy will be placed with a colored collar and/or name. This will help you and us identify which available Great Dane puppy you have chosen.  The puppies will be vet checked and be up to date on all shots and will have been wormed several times before going home. Our vet comes to our house to do all puppy checks, shots and to give all worm medication. They will be raised inside with our family and other Danes. We will be updating everyone as whole on our FaceBook page. On FaceBook will let you know of up coming Vet visits and how those went.  We will keep you regularly posted and up to date on your pup from the time it is born until he/she comes home. We typically like to do once a week "cute" pictures with a cute back ground etc, then random  pictures and videos other times through the week or upon your request. 

All initial payments are $400 and by placing the initial payment, this will ensure you that you will get the puppy of your choice. This initial payment is NONREFUNDABLE so please be fully committed when placing this initial payment. Please see below, our waiting list policy.

We will not allow 2 puppies from the same litter to go to the same home. This will prevent littermate syndrome. Unless you are a previous dane owner and understand the added training that is needed.


 To be placed on our waiting list, we do require a payment of $100. This amount does come off total purchase price of the puppy. This reserves  a puppy from a particular litter of interest. This lets us know you are serious about your purchase and lets us know we are not wasting our time getting to know you, updating you on mom etc. Please know that the order in which these payments come in, is the order in which we do puppy picks. If by chance the breeding pair fails to produce the color or gender in which you are interested in, your $100 will be refunded immediately or you may chose to put it towards a future litter. Once the litter is born and you have chosen the puppy of your dreams, the remaining $300 will be due to complete the $400 initial payment. 

 Please note that we place all of our puppies with AKC limited registration ONLY unless otherwise discussed and full registration terms have been fully agreed upon. Please note that we very rarely will place puppies in homes with full registration. Please carefully read all of our contracts for all terms and conditions.

We do offer shipping at an additional charge. We ship by United Airlines pet safe program and American Airlines. ground transportation is also a shipping option. We have successfully shipped puppies to the West Coast, the East Coast and all in between. The puppies do very will during shipment with no lasting issues. We are not held responsible for the health, safety and well being of the puppy once it leaves with the airlines. We guarantee the said puppy to be in 100% good health when leaving our care. We do declare value when shipping via the airlines. This will act as insurance incse something does happen, the airlines can be held accountable.

Our Whelping Room
We have updated our whelping room recently. Check back for updated pictures coming soon. 

****When filling out our puppy application, please be sure to fill it out completely by answering every question. We use our application as a starting point when trying to find the best homes for our puppies. If the application is not filled out completely, we will disregard your application. 

Puppy Application

Can I text this numer?

What is your color preference?


Are you wanting Full AKC registration or Limited AKC registration?

Do you health test through OFA and/or PennHip and can you show proof of these tests on your currents breeding dogs?

Do you rent or own your home?

Will you be crate training?

Is everyone in the home in agreement with getting a Great Dane puppy?

Owning a Great Dane can be expensive. Are you financially stable to support all routine AND emergency medical needs for this puppy? A

Do you fully understand that Great Danes grow extremely fast and that exercise has to be limited for up to 1 year?

Have you completely read and understand our health guaranee?

Have you read and completely understand our spay/neuter contract?

Have you read ALL the Great Dane information and the links provided?