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Thank you for choosing to add a Gentle Giant of Tennessee puppy to your family. We want to make this as stress free and enjoyable as possible for you and your family. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you may have.

Purchase Agreement                                                                                  

1. Please read the entire contract and health guarantee before putting down the NONREFUNDABLE initial payment. By placing an initial payment on a puppy you are agreeing FULLY to the terms and conditions within this contract and guarantee.
2. We, at GGOT require a $400 initial payment  to reserve the puppy of choice. The initial payment is accepted via PayPal, Venmo or Wal-Mart money transfer ONLY.
**Please be certain that you are ready for the time commitment and financial responsibility of a puppy prior to placing the initial payment. They are NONREFUNDABLE with the exception of if something happens to the puppy of choice while in our care ONLY**
3. The price in this agreement will include any shipping and or boarding fees if needed. It is fully understood that the full purchase price plus any shipping or boarding fees must be paid prior to the puppy going home.
Buyer____________________________ Collar color ____________ DOB____________ Price__________________
Gentle Giants of Tennessee Great Danes

Health Guarantee/Contract

 1. It will be up to Gentle Giants of Tennessee to decide when said puppy is ready to go to his/her new home. This is usually between 8 and 10 weeks and varies depending on each puppy. We will NOT for any reason allow the puppy to leave before 8 weeks or before we or our vet feel it is ready. GGOT will allow up to 7 days after the determined pick up day set by GGOT to pick up your puppy. After 7 days, we require a boarding fee of $20 per day, which will be due at the time of pick up. It is up to you to plan accordingly to avoid these fees. 

2. If for any reason the buyer can no longer keep the said puppy for any reason, GGOT MUST be notified FIRST and given the first right of refusal. If Gentle Giants of Tennessee cannot accept the puppy for any reason, we will assist with the rehoming process. GGOT must receive the name and contact information for the new owners. If GGOT does accept the puppy back, transportation will be up to the owner to get the puppy back to Gentle Giants of Tennessee. All vet records and any AKC paperwork will need to be signed over and sent back with the dog. No monies will be refunded for any reason any time for returning a dog to GGOT.

3. If the puppy is purchased with full registration with the intent to show or to breed, WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT GUARANTEE said puppy to be of show quality or of breeding quality at the time of sale or ever. These evaluations are made once the puppy is older with the assistance from your veterinarian. NO MONIES FOR FULL REGISTRATION WILL BE REFUNDED FOR ANY REASON. All puppies sold on full registration will carry the name ___of GGOT. All AKC papers will be held until proof of health testing through OFA and/or PennHip have been completed along with color and IMGD testing through UC Davis at the very least. Once completed with good scores, papers will be turned over to the owners. All other puppies purchased with limited AKC registration with have the name McClard's_____. GGOT does register each puppy. All AKC paperwork will be held until proof of spay/neuter. A spay/neuter contract will be signed with every puppy on limited registration. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. The said puppy is GUARANTEED to be in good health at the time of sale. The new owner will take the said puppy to the vet within 48 hours of picking up the puppy. NO EXCEPTIONS. Plan accordingly. Failure to do so will null and void this guarantee. Proof of vet visit and good health must be provided  along with vet information within 24 hours of the vet visit for GGOT to confirm visit and good health. Failure to do so will null and void this guarantee. The new owner is responsible to continue with age appropriate vaccinations and any and all expenses.

5. If with in the first 48 hours the puppy is found to be unhealthy or unfit for sale by your vet, the puppy may be returned for a full refund. After 48 hours, this clause will become null and void and no monies will be returned. Proof of vet findings must be provided before monies are refunded. This guarantee does not cover issues caused by neglect or abuse from the buyer, minor illnesses such as colds, allergies, internal or external parasites, umbilical hernias. IF there are known issues with a puppy, they will be disclosed  by the breeder and written in the contract for the buyer. 

6. The breeder assumes no responsibility for any temperament or behavioral issues. We at GGOT highly recommend training and socialization classes for this reason. A well behaved Dane is a happy Dane. The buyer will spend the time needed to properly train and socialize the puppy. 

7. The breeder assumes no responsibility for any illnesses or growth related issues that Great Danes as a "whole" are predisposed to such as but not limited to OCD, HOD, Pano, Hips Dysplasia, Wobblers, DCM , bone cancers, cherry eye etc. Before owning a Great Dane requires a lot research. Owning a Great Dane then requires understanding what is good for them and understanding that there can be some major expense involved. 

8. The buyer will not feed a grain free diet unless supplemented with taurine. Grain free diets have been linked to DCM in many breeds of dogs including Great Danes. The buyer will feed a good quality food with a calcium level of 1% or below and a phosphorus level of .9% or below. To much calcium and phosphorus in the diet can lead to many bone, joint and growth related problems. 

9. Gentle Giants of Tennessee offers a two (2) year guarantee limited to sudden death by a serious illness, euthanasia due to an illness of severe life altering nature. This guarantee does not cover death or illness due to elective procedures such as ear cropping.  We will replace the said puppy with another puppy of different parents with a value equal to or less than the original puppy. GGOT will do so within one year of death. Owners/buyers are required to send proof of death from a licensed Veterinarian with in 14 days of death. Failure to do so will null and void this contract and guarantee. The buyers will be responsible for shipping of the replacement puppy. 



Gentle Giants of Tennessee Great Danes

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