Question & Answers

1. How long have you been breeding?
We have been breeding Great Danes since 2013. We strive to improve with each litter produced and always look for ways to learn and make things better. 

2. Do you do puppy visits?
NO. We do not do puppies visits for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the safety of my children. The puppies we produce are raised inside my home. My home is for my family and animals. There are tons of stories out there where breeders have been hurt or robbed. Second, the first 3 to 4 weeks the puppies are raised in my bedroom in the whelping area. That would make for an awkward visit. Visits also unknowingly can bring in illnesses such as coccidia, giardia or even mange on clothes, shoes etc. Visitors can also bring in deadly illnesses such as the canine influenza or parvo. And last but not least, since we are not a business, we do not carry business insurance. Our homeowners insurance will not cover an incident when dealing with puppies. But for these reasons, we do lots of videos and pictures. 

3. Since you don't allow visits, can we still somehow meet the parents to our puppy?
the answer to this is a very simple YES. Anyone who has ever asked to meet our dogs has been able to do so. If you would like to meet mom and/or dad to your puppy, please let us know 1 or 2 days before pick up. We will bring them with us when we meet for the puppy exchange

4. Do you crop the puppies before they come home? 
No. We firmly believe that Great Danes should stay in their natural state and should not be put to sleep for a cosmetic purpose. However, we are not against cropping and do not judge those who do decide to have this procedure done. When a crop job has been done properly and all procedures have been followed to get the ears to stand, Great Danes do look AMAZING. Please note that if you do decide to have this done, sometimes no matter how hard you try, the crop will fail. One or both ears may not stand. 

5. Do you use any ground shipping companies? 
We have once with a rescue situation and the experience went well. However, we still prefer pick up or to use the airlines.

6. How much does shipping cost?
We Charge $450 for shipping. This cost does include airfare, air safe crate, Tennessee state health certificate, letter of acclimation, microchip thru AKC reunite, small bag of food, comfort stop ( depends of flight) declared value of the price of puppy plus shipping charges. Declaring the value is like insurance. If something were to happen, the airline would be responsible for that amount. 

7. Can we get full registration on our puppy? 
We very rarely sell full registration. If you are an established breeding group, you must be able to show proof of health testing  on your current breeding dogs. If you are new to breeding, you must show proof of health testing through OFA and/or PennHip, color testing and IMGD testing before full registration papers will be turned over. Once you purchase a puppy on Limited registration, we will not change it to full registration. 

8. Do you microchip your puppies?
We do microchip our puppies with AKC Reunite when they will be shipped via the airlines. This is included in the shipping fees. If you are coming to pick up your puppy and would like your puppy microchipped, we will charge a fee of $15.

                                                            GREAT DANE INFORMATION

1. What are some health issues or issues that Great Danes as a "whole" breed may be predisposed to because they are a Giant breed? 
The following is a small list but not limited to, to name a few of the health issues to watch out for when owning a Great Dane. 
Hips dysplasia, certain blood disorders, allergies, demodex mange, bloat, Pano ( panosteitis), certain cancers, HOD ( hypertrophic Osteodystrophy), hips dysplasia, cherry eye, OCD ( osteochondritis dissecans) happy tail, bloat, DCM ( dilated cardiomyopathy) 

2. Do Great Dane puppies need a lot of exercise? 
No. One of the worst things for a Great Dane puppy is to much exercise. A small 5 minute walk 1 to 2 times a day will be all they need with they play they do on their own. this time can slowly go up as the puppy gets older. To much exercise can cause many bone and joint issues. 

3. Orthopedic issue are most often seen in puppies that have been over fed and have grown to fast. Great Danes, even as puppies need to be kept lean and with a good body condition score. DO NOT give added calcium supplements or multi vit/minerals with calcium. To much calcium and phosphorus can be harmful to the joint and bones of the growing Dane. 

4. When looking searching for a vet to see your Great Dane, look for one that may specialize in the breed, breed them or have them as pets. Ask if they have many that comes into the office on a regular basis. You will want your vet to be familiar with the breed, knows their personality, correct diets, health conditions etc. 

5. Great Danes are indoor dogs. They thrive on human contact. They want to please their owners, learn fast, extremely intelligent, good with children, moderately playful, affectionate and are known as "Gentle Giants".