Below is McClard's Midnight Rider. "Rider" He is our 100% European AKC mantle stud. He has amazing bloodlines from Von Schlesien and more. Rider has been health tested through OFA and PennHip and also color and IMGD tested through UC Davis. Certificates shown upon request.

Below is our harlequin stud Elvare Saga Bugatti Chiron ''Gotti''. Gotti is our newest stud and an import from Russia.  He is 100% European. His parents are both champion. ( CHRUS,CHRKF Oldbluz Bianca Elvare x CHRUS,CH J RUS, CH RKF Zlatozar Sevaniya) We are super proud to have Gotti in our program. Gotti has been health tested through OFA and PennHip. He has been color and IMGD tested through UC Davis. Gotti has also been CNM and bloat tested through VetGen. Pedigree and certificates shown upon request. Gotti is also available for stud services. Contact us for more information.

Gentle Giants of Tennessee

Stud Contract and Agreement

This contract and agreement is between Russell & Sarah McClard ( Stud owner ) with Gentle Giants of Tennessee and________________ ______________ ( Bitch owner ). The two parties above have agreed upon the following terms and conditions pertaining to the two Great Dane dogs listed below.

Stud Dog Information

Registered Name:

Call Name:                                        AKC Number:

Color:                                               Date of Birth:

Health Testing:


Bitch Information

Registered Name:

Call Name:                                           AKC Number:

Color:                                                   Date of Birth:

Health Testing:                                   Other Information: 

Owner Name:                                                           


Phone Number:                                     Kennel Name:


*Gentle Giants of Tennessee DOES NOT do live cover breeding. We do shipped semen or side by side AI ONLY. No exceptions. 

*The fee for stud service is $2500. This includes one semen collection, semen evaluation by a canine reproduction specialist and overnight shipping. Additional collections for the same Bitch for the same heat cycle will be an additional $200 per collection. The stud fee paid in full is due at the time of collection.  The stud fee may be paid for via PayPal, Venmo, or Wal Mart store to store transfer.   

The stud owner agrees to...

1.      Provide Bitch owner with copies of all health testing certifications, pedigree.

2.      Sign litter registration promptly upon full payment of stud fee.

3.      Provide stud service, the act of the male dog/semen being available to/for mating purposes.

*Stud owner guarantees the shipment of semen or semen for a side by side AI only and makes no guarantees as to the pregnancy of the above bitch, of the puppies living or dead or litter number.

The Bitch owner agrees

1.      To pay the agreed stud fee in full before collection, time of service.

2.      Get proper progesterone testing to ensure correct time for collection from stud, breeding

3.      Provide to the stud owner, all health testing certifications, pedigree

4.      Provide proof of pregnancy via ultrasound from a certified Veterinarian between day 30 to 35. Lack of proof within this time frame will null and void this contract.

5.      Pay any and all costs related to traveling expenses, the care of the Bitch during pregnancy, any emergency or Non-Emergency vet care related to the pregnancy etc.

6.      To provide all contact information of puppy buyers and periodic pictures of the pups as they grow and mature in their new homes. All so their registered names with AKC numbers.

7.      Will raise the puppies to high standards in a clean and safe environment and provide any and all vet care needed.

 *No puppies from this breeding will be sold to brokers, pet stores, wholesalers, or puppy mills.

 Definition of “LITTER”

A litter, for the purpose of this contract, is defined as a minimum of one (1) puppy born alive. If the female does not take, a repeat breeding will be given to the same Bitch on her next heat ONLY. If the Bitch fails to conceive with the repeat breeding or the Bitch owner does not wish for a repeat breeding, this contract will become null and void. NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED.


The stud owner understands that most puppies are sold with a contract with a first right of refusal clause. If the Bitch owner is unable to take back the puppy, the stud owner will be notified and given the chance for refusal. If the stud owner is unable to receive the puppy, the stud owner and bitch owner will work together to find proper placement for the puppy.

*Both parties listed in this agreement and contract confirm to the best of their knowledge, he dogs stated above are both fertile, able to reproduce and in good general health and all information given is factual.

*It is understood that NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED at any time.

Stud Owner signature_______________________________ Date____________________

Bitch Owner signature ______________________________ Date____________________