Here is a list of references for Gentle Giants of Tennessee. Please feel free to contact these families and ask them questions. They are past families who have bought puppies from Gentle Giants of Tennessee. A couple of the families have 2 of our puppies. We, at Gentle Giants of Tennessee hope that by you contacting these families will give you more insight about who we are as a family and a breeder of Great Danes. Ask anything you wish.  They have given us permission to use their name and contact information for this purpose. Please give these families plenty of time to answer you back as I'm sure they are busy enjoying their lives with their Gentle Giants of Tennessee puppy. We will be adding more to this list as new families allow us to use their information.


Mrs. Susan Long and Family..  (Tennessee) 

Mrs. Jennifer Garrett and Family.....  (Virginia)   

Mrs. Savvanah O'Brian .....   (Tennessee)

Mr. and Mrs. Caswell and Family.....   (Kentucky)

Mr. and Mrs. Hill and Family.....  (North Carolina)

Mr. Kevin King and Family.....  (Georgia)

Mrs. Julie Knight and Family.....   (Kentucky)

Ms. Jessica Steele.....  ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson and Family.....  ( Alabama)

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins and Family.....  ( Alabama)

Mr. Robert Day and Family.....  ( Massachusetts)  

Mrs. Kensi Tellep  .....  ( Ohio )

Mrs. Terry Davis.....  ( Tennessee )

Mrs. Kim Johnson.....  ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson.....  ( Alabama )

Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin....  ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins ....  ( Alabama )

Mr. and Mrs. Crawford.....  ( Tennessee )

Ms. Emily Luebke .....  ( North Dakota )

Mr. and Mrs. Dearth .....  ( Ohio )

Ms. Sandra Dorsey .....  ( Maryland )

Mr. Adam Cloud.....  ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Chappell...  ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Martin... ( Tennessee )

Mrs. Chandra Custis... ( Ohio )

Mr. and Mrs. Huddleston... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Faught... ( Tennessee )

Mr. Rodney ( Georgia )

Mr. and Mrs. Tonsetic... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Sanders... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. ( Florida )

Mr. and Mrs. Milam... ( Kentucky )

Mr. and Mrs. ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. Wells... wells_claudia ( New Hampshire )

Mr. and Mrs. Fulfer... ( Georgia )

Mr. and Mrs. Ehrle... ( Alabama )

Mr. and Mrs. Jones... ( Indiana )

Mrs. Holden Hart... ( Tennessee )

Mr. and Mrs. McMurray... ( Indiana )

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt... ( Tennessee )

Morgan Faith and family... ( Virginia )

Mr. and Mrs. Saccomano... ( Illinois )